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Welcome to Amarillo Surf Camp

Can you imagine a Surfing Camp in Nicaragua offering you direct access to a virgin an paradisiacal beach, where you get a moderate climate all year round, fine sand, crystal water and waves, many waves, of all sizes ?

Why practicing Surf in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua have it all to be the perfect destination for practicing Surf. On the one hand, beaches were time seems to have come to a stop, where there are not high buildings with apartments, huge hotels nor little barracks on the sand.

Here, we enjoy the green color of nature surrounding the beach, blue skies and a very fine yellow sand, in some cases a bit dark as it is from volcanic origin. The constructions you may find as those of our Amarillo Surf Camp, are fully integrated to the environment using the basic principles of local architecture. Nothing about asphalt alongside the beaches nor cement forests.

If you look for waves in Nicaragua, your Surf Camp is Amarillo.

The waves

Moreover, in a privileged surrounding, we have a first class raw material: the waves. At the Nicaragua beaches you will find beach margin waves, tube-like waves, empty waves….and in some cases, waves of huge dimensions, over 2 meters of height. A Paradise for the more experienced Surfers but also for the Beginners, who are getting initiated on gliding on a surfing board.

Hence we may stress that this Central- American country is becoming one of the preferred destinations for Surfers from all over the world. And besides its success, it has been able to maintain the lovely natural corners with the authenticity of its local people.

If you look for waves in Nicaragua, your Surf Camp is Amarillo.
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our rooms

We have rooms for 1 to 4 people, singles, doubles, groups … Find the room you need.



We offer you a great variety of activities,
from our star surfing activity to incredible experiences such as boat trips, snorkeling, traking, whale watching, visiting an active volcano … among many others that you will love!



Passion to create wonderful experiences, with good people, surrounded by flora and fauna and above all in an incredible sea to surf.





An idyllic place in Nicaragua for your SurfingCamp

Amarillo Surf Camp takes its name from the beach in front:

Playa Amarillo. It is one of those (every day more limited) corners of the world where you can still enjoy a beach of a great beauty and quality, surrounded by a real quite ambient. A place where you may breath a young and surfing like air, surrounded by nature and its relaxing sounds. Specially that of the sound of the waves braking at the beach, and which goes alongside the Pacific Nicaragua coast, for over one kilometer, and where perfect waves make the Surfers of all levels to have a lovely time.

This is Nicaragua!

Furthermore, and besides having Playa Amarillo at less than 300 meters, our Surf Camp is also perfect if you wish to go to Playa Gigante, with a local community where to enjoy the real Nicaragua way of live, as well as one of the preferred places for those willing to practice Surf in Nicaragua. Amarillo Surf Camp is based at some 3 minutes walk to the sea, allowing you to choose every day the beach where to go and enjoy the sea: if you decide to go to the nearly secret area of Amarillo, where normally some spectacular waves will meet you or to go to the more vivacious one of Gigante where a relaxing bath combines with local culture and traditions. In the last one you shall be able to find a bigger offer of Restaurants and Touristic Companies though a big difference from the tourist packed up areas in other countries.

Last but not least, in the event that you wish to enjoy the waves at other beaches out of the Rivas Department (county), you may do so, buy only taking a car or a van which will take a few minutes to get you to other corners of the Pacific Coast of the country: Playa Popoyo, Playa Maderas, Playa Santana, Playa Manzanillo, and above them all, Playa Colorado.To many of them you will get within 30 minutes, hence Amarillo Surf Camp is also your ideal lodging if what you with is to design a route made to measure through the south of the country. In the event that you do not wish to drive, we can also offer you a really nice experience by taking you to those places by Panga (local boat) and whilst on route fish and enjoy a lovely sundown.

Make your reservation and discover the best of Nicaragua!