Location - Amarillo Hotel Surfcamp
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Amarillo Surf and Camp is based in El Gigante, county of Tola, Department of Rivas, buy the Nicaraguan Coast of the Pacific at some 130 Kms. from Managua and at some 10 Kms. from  the new Airport of Costa Esmeralda. From Managua, one may arrive by car in two ways:

Nicaraguan Coast of the Pacific at some 130 Kms

The most recommended way. Entering from the Camino del Sur. From Managua we shall take direction to the road from Masaya to Rivas, from Rivas to Tola and from Tola towards Gigante, at approximately 15 Kms. from Tola we shall find a deviation to the left that takes you to Gigante, on the same way that enters you to Guacalito de la Isla and to the Aqua complex. This road it totally asphalted.  Once you get to the center of Gigante, turn right, at approximately 600 mts. You will find Amarillo Surf and Camp. Some 200 mts. Once you pass the entrance to Playa Amarillo (Amarillo beach).


Entering from the North way. From Managua we shall take the Masaya road towards Rivas but at the Paso Real de Ochomogo we shall take the right turn, towards Escalante and Popoyo and once we passed Popoyo we arrive to Limon, we continue straight ahead passing the new Airport Costa Esmeralda, at the crossing we take towards El Gigante which is some 6 Kms. from the airport on the right hand side. Following this route we find Amarillo surf and Camp before we enter the center of the village.  In this route there are two non tarred roads, for that, at the raining season it is best a 4×4.


Using Public Transport, note that busses leave from the terminal at the Roberto Huembés market, direction Rivas, there are various busses a day and once ast Rivas with direction of El Gigante, there is only one bus at 13:00 hrs. p.m. From Rivas to Gigante one may take a Taxi for approximately USA $ 20,00USD.


Amarillo Surf & Camp is based in a special place at the village of El Gigante, at some 200 mts. From the entrance to Amarillo beach, in the real nature, an ideal place to relax, rest, surf and get to know the landscape and customs of Nicaragua and its people.

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