Surf Camp Playa Amarillo - Amarillo Hotel Surfcamp
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Surf Camp Playa Amarillo

Would you like to cut through the waves on your board in a different special place, not crowded and with the best waves at your disposal ? Then the right time has come for you to practice Surf at Playa Amarillo, south of Nicaragua. And as a lodge, not other option so genuine and comfortable like Amarillo Surf and Camp. Take a good note of the reasons for choosing us, because your trip will become an unforgettable experience.

Why Surfing at Playa Amarillo?

Nicaragua is, in general, a surprising and interesting country for the Surfers: perfect beaches for this sport, kind people that will treat you as at home, and rather cheap prices. But, besides that, there are other reasons for you to practice Surf in Playa Amarillo:

  • Different types of waves and of high quality. The emplacement of this spot makes that its waves adopt different forms and heights, with character to meet everybody’s taste. Many of them are of a small size, whilst others get to a height of some 1,5 meters. You will find them from the right or the left, beach margin waves, tube-like waves, empty waves, of beach b4reak and of reef brake….For that, it has become the beach chosen by the Surfers of all levels: from those who wish to start this passionate sport as for those who master the board.
  • Less people, more to enjoy: beaches in Nicaragua escape from the crowded beaches you find in other countries. But Playa Amarillo goes still further: besides the quality of its waves, here we have less surfers because it is not very well known. That is a big disadvantage for the big touristic resorts and a great advantage for our Amarillo Surf and Camp and you if you are looking for peace and solitary.
  • An untouched beach: Playa Amarillo has managed to be kept practically untouched, in this beach we do not have blocks of apartments, neither big hotels nor office buildings. What surrounds the beach is a green tropical forest belt, framed with rocky cliffs at each side.

Why choose our Amarillo Surf & Camp at Playa Amarillo?

The best of this place is that, although hidden in the middle of nature, its accessibility to same is not difficult at all. If you doubt in choosing our resort as your Surfing Camp in Playa Amarillo, here are some comments that may convince you:

  • We are at some 300 meters from the beach. You can go to the beach enjoying a lovely walk though centennial trees.
  •  In our installations your will dispose of all required services you may need to practice Surf. We offer a board  and equipment renting services to our clients, by the hour or per day. Furthermore, at our Surf Camp you may book personal or group surfing lessons to learn or better your style. Classes are given by Jackson Obando, Eduardo Obando and David Mora, professional Surfers, who are competing at National level in Nicaragua.
  • Exclusive atmosphere, slow and easy and a nice one.At our Surf Camp you will find people like you, willing to enjoy experiences that make your life richer. Everybody that is part of our team at Amarillo Surf and Camp are very aware of how important are this holidays to you.


Service of renting the boards

If you cannot bring your board from home, do not worry: at Amarillo Surf and Camp we shall render you the service of renting the boards that will suit you. We have a great variety of sizes, materials and finishes. By the hour, per day or long periods, you may use the basic element to go and enjoy our beaches.









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What else we can do?

A hotel like ours in Playa Amarillo cannot only allow you to cut through the waves on your board, here you will find many other activities at your disposal like many other places to visit once you leave your board. Some of these proposal have to do with the sea too. For example a day off fishing on a Panga, typical local boat, where you will get all necessary equipment. If instead of fishing you want to swim with the fish, you can practice your snorkel whilst in an excursion to different beaches, volcanoes, lagoons and towns, where we shall accompany you.

Many Surfers will know quickly where we are if we mention 3 walking minutes from Playa Gigante. Therefore, to lodge with us will be a great decision to visit the nearby beach. Same happens with Playa Colorado, the other neighboring spot to Playa Amarillo, where you can also enjoy wonderful waves. Either in Colorado as in El Gigante you will find restaurants and companies that organize activities for you.

Make your reservation and discover the best of Nicaragua!