Surf Camp Playa Gigante - Amarillo Hotel Surfcamp
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Surf Camp Playa Gigante

Playa Gigante is a place that will not let you down, and that is also why many tourist decide visiting that all year round. The Surf Camp should not be very far from here, so is ours, based at Playa Amarillo as its neighbor. Would you like to know what makes this beach unique and our Amarillo Surf and Camp too? Please make a note…

Whoever comes to Surf in Playa Gigante repeats. Not by chance but Playa Gigante and Playa Amarillo have a sort of qualities that make of them one of the most interesting and attractive places where to get on the board and surf in Nicaragua. For example, the surfing type that you may practice here is the ideal one for any type of a surfer. At Playa Gigante you will find El Arco, a radical wave with a rocky underwater that works during the days of high sea and is ideal for surfers with a big experience, powerful tubes from left and from right that will put to risk the integrity of your board. In the nearby beach Playa Amarillo surfers from all levels may enjoy its surroundings hardly comparable, whilst at Playa Colorado you can take one of the best waves of Nicaragua.

One of the charms of Playa Gigante is its lovely sunset. This quality is in fact shared with all the beaches of the Nicaragua Pacific coast, as the ones we mentioned Amarillo and Colorado, but also Popoyo, Manzanillo or Maderas. Get though the waves whilst the sun sets at the horizon is an indescribable feeling, you have to live it yourself.

Another advantage that cheers many surfers is the variety of services that may be available at Playa Gigante. Without getting to a massif crowded situations found inother places, at Playa Gigante you shall encounter services offered by local people and which will help in the development of this area, restaurants, discotheques, shops, boat rentals.

Surfing in Playa Gigante?

As you have seen, Playa Gigante can be the perfect place. For that, if you are looking for surfing at Playa Gigante, you will no doubt be interested in Amarillo Surf and Camp, as we are in the middle of Playa Gigante and Playa Amarillo:

  • Playa Amarillo is just next to Playa Gigante. This means that our lodge is about 3 minutes walk from both of them. A Surfing Camp with access to both beaches.
  • Playa Amarillo has the tranquility charm of its wild nature, virgin, where the presence of the man can not be appreciated and the only thing that brakes the silence are the sea waves, that offer you to surf them once more.
  • Our Amarillo Surf & Camp has all services you may require to surf, At our lodge we shall offer you boards, equipment and even learning courses to get started in the surfing art. You may find more details about this in this page.


Service of renting the boards

If you cannot bring your board from home, do not worry: at Amarillo Surf and Camp we shall render you the service of renting the boards that will suit you. We have a great variety of sizes, materials and finishes. By the hour, per day or long periods, you may use the basic element to go and enjoy our beaches.









Other activities

Not only surf you may practice in Playa Gigante but you may also practice other activities related to the environment. For example, fishing on board of small boats fully equipped to meet all requirements to allow you to fish with your fishing rod. You can also practice land activities like tracking around the Pie del Gigante for example. If you so prefer riding a horse, here you will not have a problem finding horse riding professionals that will join you in a different and lovely route along the sea. And should you like the extreme adventures you could try rappel at the cliffs of the area.

Make your reservation and discover the best of Nicaragua!